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        Maritime Law

        Droit et transport maritime

        Droit et transport maritime

        Droit et transport maritime

        Our law office is specialized in Maritime and transportation law.

        Our maritime law office acts on behalf of maritime companies, Vessel and yacht owners in various matters such as legal advice, drafting of contracts, marine surveys, Court and arbitration disputes, out of Court settlements.

        Among the most usual matters our maritime law office has to deal with, we would mention the following:

        • Disputes and claims in connection with Vessel collisions and perils of the sea
        • Ship and yacht arrests
        • Auction sales of Vessels (sales before the Court)
        • Ship owners representation and defense following to auction sales
        • Defense of maritime and ship agents
        • Defense of maritime insurance brokers
        • Defense of yacht owners
        • Yachts sale and purchase
        • Ship building, repair and refit
        • Ship and yachts surveys
        • Vessel flagging
        • Yacht charter and Yacht management
        • Defense of maritime carriers, road carriers, and freight forwarders
        • Defense of commercial vessels owners
        • Defense of stevedores
        • Defense of marine activities

        Moulet Law Firm 52, rue Emmanuel Eydoux 13016 Marseille

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